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studio time

hey. we're going to be going into the studio this sunday (1/9) and we're very excited to finally start recording our new, original material. we're going to be recording 6 songs (in no particular order): cure me, say something, a rock & roll takeover, an untitled song that we call "jack", 30 miles north, and another brand new song that tom calls "the mexican song". we'll keep you updated.
rock on,
the boys in the band that makes your cleavage sweat
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great show guys rocked..cant wait for more!!!
hey yea ur show at the garage last night rocked. i cant wait till ya play again!!~Laura~
I saw yous guys playing at the gay-rage last weekend and it was pretty kick arse! I was pretty bummed though, because I couldn't stick around for The Semester.

Stay Awesome!
Is there any way you guys could-you me score some free tickets to your show at the triple rock? $5 is just a little too steep for me.
if you work the merch booth fo sho.