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crashing fans:

hey everyone...this is the new Crashing By Design Livejournal Community. we just launched our new web site layout as well....we hope you like it. this is a good place to talk up crashing's music and shows ...along with our message board & myspace account. anyway, we played a show earlier tonight at the garage in burnsville and i think i speak for everyone when i say it was the most fun we've had in a long time. the crowd was amazing and it reflected back on us. so, a huge thanks to everyone who went and rocked out with us ...will broke his nose in the pit, and gomez spraint his ankle both during the semester's set. and speaking of the semester...they put on a bad ass show...we play with them quite a bit and i don't think i've ever been as impressed as tonight. all the bands were awesome though, four letter lie, abec, and the abdomen all put on great sets. well, off to bed. hope to see you soon.

*12/17 @ board to death sports (rochester, mn)

*12/18 @ segue cafe (maple grove, mn)

danny, the band
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